The values depicted in the movie "Unbroken"

Augustina, Christy (2017) The values depicted in the movie "Unbroken". Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Values are highly crucial principles that human beings should know, understand, and experience in real life. Since values contribute to human beings’ judgment of right and wrong, it can provide human being to gain true happiness as the ability to do something based on inner consciousness or the person’s values (Gulla, 2010). Society is able to gain and construct values if they experience it. The same with the application of values in real life, it needs real behavior and real actions (Jimenes, 2009). Since it needs real action in real life, the researcher chose a true story “Unbroken” movie as the data source and selected some phrases for the data. This thesis is intended to find values depicted in “Unbroken” movie using Gulla’s book published in 2010. Types of values that Gulla had explained were categorized in 5 values; they are personal value, family value, social value, spiritual value, and moral value. This thesis was conducted with the descriptive – qualitative design as the analysis was based on the transcription of the movie. The analysis strictly followed a book of Gulla (2010) which explained comprehensive, elaborative, and life-related values of personal, family, social, spiritual, and moral. The thesis shows that all types of values by Gulla (2010) were depicted in the movie. Moral values have the highest total number of values with the total number of 8 data which each data shows that Louie, the main character of the movie, has high moral values in his life according to his positive response in every hardship that he had experienced. Due to the limited time, the writer only focuses on one element of a movie which is dialogue or phrases in the dialogue. The future researchers related to analyzing values in a movie can be conducted with other elements such as gestures, expressions, songs, audio, lighting, etc. The writer also suggests future researchers to use other important types of values, one of which is material value to develop deeper understanding of values in life as it is so crucial.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Values, movie, moral value, personal value, family value, social value, spiritual value
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
Depositing User: Christy Augustina
Date Deposited: 02 Aug 2017 01:34
Last Modified: 02 Aug 2017 01:34

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