Peranan human capital untuk meningkatkan kinerja daerah: studi kasus di provinsi Jawa Timur

Rachmawati, Dyna and Wulani, Fenika (2007) Peranan human capital untuk meningkatkan kinerja daerah: studi kasus di provinsi Jawa Timur. Majalah Ekonomi, XVII (3). pp. 262-277. ISSN 0854-3038

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The aim of this research is to examine the role of human capital to achieve peiformance in global environment. The peljormance is measured by regional GDP The proxies of human capital are literacy rate, number of tertiary schools per capita, percentage of primary teachers with required qualification, number of tertimy students per capita, cumulative of tertiary graduates per capita, percentage of male grade and percentage of female grade. The research draws several results. Firstly, human capital positively correlated with province s peiformance. Moreover, human capital significantly influences province s performance. It means that qualified human capital will distinguish province s peljormance. Secondly, literacy rate and percentage of primmy teachers with required qualification do not significantly influence regional GDP In practice, literacy rate does not give enough contribution to increase the quality of human resources. And teachers in east java province do not qualifY enough to increase the quality of human capital. Thirdly, the variables of number of tertimy schools per capita, cumulative of tertimy graduates per capita and percentage of female grade negatively significant with regional GDP It indicates that the number of schools, tertiary graduates and percentage of female will absorb the regional GDP It seems to be clear that building and maintaining schools need more financing. Howevel; tertimy graduates only add a new unemployment. Most of female are domestication in east java province. Domestication is not the factor to be accounted in regional GDP Finally, the variables of number of tertiary students per capita and percentage of male grade are significantly correlated with regional gross domestic product.

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