The Real hero in bernard shaw’s arms and The Man

Atmadja, Lanny Krisna (2013) The Real hero in bernard shaw’s arms and The Man. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Literature, especially drama, is a branch of art that is able to convey the characters of a person accurately. The figure of hero is then chosen to be analyzed as a hero equals to courage, self-sacrifice, and noble deeds. This thesis has the objectives as to discuss the major male characters of the play, find out who the real hero of the play is, and show the messages the author of the play tries to deliver in term of idealism and realism. This thesis is a qualitative research which the analysis is in form of description. The analysis is based on objective approach proposed by M. H. Abrams. It means the analysis is done by describing the intrinsic elements of the play such as plot, settings and characters. From the analysis, there are two major male characters, namely Captain Bluntschli and Major Sergius Saranoff. The men have distinctive personalities from one another. Bluntschli is a man who distrusts conventional values. He is straightforward, humorous, gentle, and practical. On the other hand, Sergius is a man who has handsome appearance and great ideals toward war and life. He is credulous, rude, brave, but gentle. The analysis shows that Bluntschli possesses more heroic traits than does Sergius. Bluntschli has nine out of twenty traits while Sergius has six out of twenty traits. Bluntschli has the traits of an anti-hero at the most. The analysis also states viii that Bluntschli has realism traits more than idealism ones. On the other hand, both Sergius and Raina have idealism traits more than realism ones. The analysis concludes that the real hero of the play is Captain Bluntschli. He acts as the anti hero of the play. Despite his straightforward and practical thought, Bluntschli makes the other characters defeat their own egos and step away from their pretentions. He also saves the lives of thousands of hotel workers, employees, and Swiss residents by escaping in a battle in order to stay alive. The message that is conveyed through the play is that realism could triumph over idealism. Realism is represented in the figure of Bluntschli and idealism is represented in the figure of Sergius and Raina. At last, the writer would like to suggest other researchers to analyze deeper about Bluntschli and Sergiust or analyze the social aspect in the play. Hopefully, this thesis could be beneficial for the further studies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Hero, Realism, Idealism
Subjects: English Education
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