The Effect Of Using Computer-Based Timeline Media On Learners' mastery Of English Tenses:A Preliminary Study.

Teopilus, Susana and Tejasuksmana, Hendra and Antonina, Diana Lestariningsih (2015) The Effect Of Using Computer-Based Timeline Media On Learners' mastery Of English Tenses:A Preliminary Study. In: 4th ELT, Literature, and Translation International Conference 2015, Oktober 2015, Universitas Negeri Semarang - ISBN 978-02-73769 Hal.: 288-299.

Text (The Effect Of Using Computer-Based Timeline Media On Learners' mastery Of English Tenses: A Preliminary Study.)

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The difference between Indonesian and English in the aspect of verb forms is one of the factors causing problems to Indonesian learners in mastering English Tenses. In the previous research, Teopilus and Winarlim (2008) found that one of the problems faced is the learners• inability to understand the time concept of the English Tenses. To overcome the learners ' problems in learning English Tenses, Teopilus et al. (2014), in the first year of the current research, have developed computer-based timeline media to teach the first six English Tenses and analyze their effectiveness. The findings prove that the subjects' knowledge of these six tenses improves after receiving the treatment using the computerbased timeline media. With these findings, Teopilus et al., in the second year of the current research, contjnue developing the computer-based timeline media for the next six English Tenses, covering the perfect tenses. The effectiveness of these time line media, together with the revised previous ones, are analyzed to get a more comprehensive result of using computer-based timeline media to teach English Tenses. The subjects involved in the present study do a pretest prior to receiving instruction using the developed computer-based media. After receiving the instruction, they did a posttest and completed a questionnaire. The collected pretest and posttest scores were analyzed using the paired t-test to find out the significance of the gain scores obtained. The T test calculation results show that there is a significant increase from the mean of the subject' pre test scores to their post test scores. It implies that there is a significant difference in the obtained gain scores (the difference between the pre test and the post test scores) of the subjects. The analysis of the completed questionnaires indicates that the research subjects generally give favorable responses to the timeline media developed. The findings show that developed timeline media can simplify the abstract explanation about the past time, present time and future time; furthermore, the timeline media, along with the voice, pictures, and animation, help the subjects to clearly visualize the activities or happenings illustrated in the three time zones. Using these media, English teachers will be facilitated in explaining the English Tenses to their students. With these media, lndonesian learners will, therefore, be helped to master the English Tenses more easily.

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