Chapter 8 - Antioxidant Activity of Anthocyanins in Common Legume Grains

Harlen, Winda Christina and Jati, Ignatius Radix A.P (2018) Chapter 8 - Antioxidant Activity of Anthocyanins in Common Legume Grains. In: Polyphenols: Mechanisms of Action in Human Health and Disease. Elsevier, USA, pp. 81-92. ISBN 978-0-12-813006-3

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Legume grains are a popular lood consumed all over the world and are widely known for their contnbution to protein intake in human diet. Several varieties ol legumes are also believed to have health benefit properties due to the anthocyanin content, which could act as an antioxidant. Among many, black soybean, common bean, cowpea, peanut, and lentils are the most deeply explored legumes related to the bioactive compound contents and antioxidant activities. Anthocyanin contents are higher in legumes that have a dark color such as black and red. Both In vitro and in vivo research are in agreement that legumes have high antioxidant activity, especially in the seed coat. Meanwhile, even though thermal processing is reported to decrease the anthocyanin content and antioXIdant activity, the results are not significant. Therefore. legumes have the potential to be developed as luncbonal food ingredients due to high content of bioactive compounds and the ability to act as antioxidants.

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