The effects of pictorial illustrations as adjunct aids in pre-reading activities

Mariatuti, Albertina Ivo Endang (1990) The effects of pictorial illustrations as adjunct aids in pre-reading activities. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University.


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Every people has many ways to develop his knowledge. One possibility to do it is by reading. Many people read for enjoyment; for example, read novels, magazines, newspapers, etc. When they have to read for a specific purpose, they often find difficulties in understanding the next. It might be because they are not familiar with certain words used in the text, or with the context set forth as the background. According to several scientist pictures can visualise many words which are important in the reading text. In Indonesia, for beginners at Junior High School learning to read in English involves a completely new set of habits. They have to learn new words and structures which are different from those for Indonesian language in order to understand the reading passage well. It is the duty of English teachers to help the students to become accustomed to the new language. The teachers should present the material of which level of difficulties and topic are suitable for their students in such an interesting way so that the students can grasp the ideas presented in the text. During her PPL at SMP “Santa Clara” the writer observed that the students cannot understand the reading passages well. She assumed that the way the teacher presented the material was uninteresting. It was so monotonous that the students became bored and felt that reading in English was difficult. Based on that experience the writer tried to use a technique which can be used to attract the students attention in pre-reading activity. Before presenting the material the writer showed some pictures which are related to the reading text. It was obvious that the students paid more attention and became more active in responding to the instruction. In order to verity this assumption, the writer conducted and experiment dealing with the technique used in pre-reading activity. In the experiment she used pictures to introduce the reading text to the students. The accessible population of this study was the second year students of SMP Kepanjen 1 Surabaya. The writer used two classes out of the six classes as the sample. As the experimental group, group A, she took class II E, and as the control one, group B she took class II F. The experimental group was the group given a special treatment; they were given some pictures in pre-reading activity. The control group was the group which were not given any pictures in pre-reading activity. The analysis of the experiment showed that the scores of group A, the experimental group, were higher than those of group B, the control one. The data obtained showed that the development of the gain of the students given pictures in the pre-reading activity was constant, while the development of the students who were not given any pictures was not constant. The findings of the present study indicates that picture facilitate comprehension. They are therefore can be used in pre-reading activity, The pictures selected, however, should be relevant to the passages to be taught. The pictures used should also be simple, clear, and relevant. Relevant pictures introduced before presenting the text make them accustomed to anticipating pictures. This will make students easy to understand the message and help them to comprehend what they are supposed to know.

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