Using newspaper as one of the authentic materials to teach reading comprehension

Gunawan, Dhamayanti (1990) Using newspaper as one of the authentic materials to teach reading comprehension. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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The ability to read comprehensively is vital in gaining knowledge, which in turn, is essential in the development of a country. That is why the government of Indonesia puts emphasis on the reading skills in the objectives of English language teaching in Indonesia. SMTA graduates are actually supposed to have the skill of reading English text books and reference books. But there is still a gap between the expected goal and the reality. Many SMTA graduates still have difficulties in reading English Books. In this thesis the writer would like to suggest the use of newspapers as one of the authentic materials in the reading class. She hopes that this usage may bring a new atmosphere in the class thus raise the interest in reading comprehension. As a result, the students’ reading comprehension ability might or is expected to be better. In putting this suggestion into practice, the teacher should follow the following steps: a. Pick out the material. - by finding the main idea. In this way the teacher knows what the article is about. - in accordance with the students’ level. i.e.: the material should be: - readable - Suitable - Interesting b. Use of the following techniques. - “scanning” technique. This technique is used when we want to look for specific information. - “WH” questions technique. Usually the answers to these questions are found in the lead, i.e., the first and/or the second paragraph of the article. - “SPARC” technique. S – Surveying the book of article P – Previewing the chapter or article A – Asking questions R – Reading to find the answers C – Checking comprehension These steps are applied to remember what is read. P.Q.R.S.T technique P – Preview Q – Question R – Read S – Self Recite T – Test/ Review This package of study skills may help the students master the content, comprehend better, concentrate better and retain better. To sum up, the writer thinks that newspaper can be motivating and interesting as long as the material we choose is in accordance with the students’ capability, and, if it is necessary, the students can read the Indonesian version of the same topic, so that they can relate to it whenever they still do not understand it. As far as the technique is concerned, the writer is of the opinion that the teacher is free to use any technique and to experiment the theories the writer presented. Last but not least, newspaper can be used as a stepping stone towards the usage of other authentic material such as, leaflets, brochures, magazines, etc.

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