The teaching of listening in the language laboratory at SMU Wachid Hasyim I Surabaya

Ariyani, Dewi (2007) The teaching of listening in the language laboratory at SMU Wachid Hasyim I Surabaya. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Listening cannot be separated from English learning. It has a great deal in the process of learning English. Listening is one of the four language skills, namely listening; speaking; reading; writing, which English should be taught integratedly. Knowing that listening is a very essential skill, language laboratory is provided by the school to make the students comprehend well the listening materials. The language laboratory is an interesting way to break the monotony when students listen from the tape recorder in the classroom. It can be used as a new medium to solve the problem of boredom. The writer did an observational study research. She intended to find the students’ responses toward the use of language laboratory to teach listening and the teacher techniques in teaching listening using language laboratory. Language laboratory is more interesting, effective, and practical compare to tape recorder in the classroom or the teacher’s voice. It can draw students’ interest and arouse their motivation. The students listen better than before. However, the teacher has to select the appropriate materials to make the language laboratory worthy. Moreover, the materials are very easy to get and have to be suited with the curriculum. The writer tries to show that the language laboratory is a need in teaching listening considering the advantages of it. Besides, language laboratory also can be used to teach the other skills, such as reading, speaking and writing, integratedly as suggested by the curriculum. So, the school should provide the language laboratory to achieve the goal in learning English.

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