A study on language styles and functions of the East Asian suppliers in communicating with PT. Maspion through e-mail

Oei, Widyawati (2004) A study on language styles and functions of the East Asian suppliers in communicating with PT. Maspion through e-mail. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Nowadays, using Email as a media of communication is a common phenomenon. For example, in PT Maspion, most of the import administration activities such as contacting the suppliers have been using Email as the instrument. This phenomenon interest the writer to investigate the -mail styles along with the functions from the East Asian suppliers of PT. Maspion (the Japanese, the Koreans, the Chinese, and the Taiwanese. After collecting categorizing, and analyzing the data, the writer found that the Japanese’ styles are consultative in the directive function, casual in the referential functions and intimate in the expressive function. The Koreans’ and the Chinese styles are consultative in the referential, phatic or directive functions, and casual in the expressive and or directive functions. The Taiwanese only use the casual style in all kinds of language functions. It is found out that no frozen and formal styles are used in their mails. This might indicate that the East Asians prefer using informal language in e-mails to formal one, such as consultative, casual and intimate styles. Those styles use incomplete sentences, non-standard vocabularies and shortened forms of grammar, the characteristics that do not belong to formal language. It is also found that many mistakes on grammars are made by the East Asian Principals, as shown in bold typing. This is a sufficient finding to conclude that their styles are not formal. Finally, the writer expects that other researcher would try to examine the language styles used by other parts of regions such as Europe, Australia, America and Middle east with various topics, including import administration. The writer also would like to offer her assistance to provide the permitted data from the company where she works to every body interested in this kind of research.

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