The significance of the title as revealed through the relationship of the main character in D.H. Lawrence's novel, sons and lovers

Anggawirawan, Liana (1998) The significance of the title as revealed through the relationship of the main character in D.H. Lawrence's novel, sons and lovers. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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A literary text provides a good way of stimulating language acquisition. There are three reasons in using literature. First, as cultural enrichment, literature increases the foreign students’ insight into the country whose language is being learnt. Second, as language enrichment, literature provides rich context of vocabulary and grammar. The last reason, as personal involvement, literature encourages students to express their opinions and feelings. One of the ways in expressing opinions and feelings through literature is analyzing a literary work. Hence, the writer chooses a novel as her study. She is interested in studying the novel because it has the longest story which creates an imagined world through their description and dialogue. In addition, by analyzing the novel, the writer feels anxious to know how the story goes on, how the main character faces and solves his or her own problems, and how the story ends. The theme of the novel which is stated in the title of the novel can be elaborated into “Mother’s domination on her son causes the son’s relationship with his lover unsuccessful”. This theme is important to show the relationship of the main character with other characters since this relationship does not only examine the characters themselves but also the conflicts between the characters. In this thesis, the writer studies the relationship of the main character in D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Sons and Lovers. Here, the writer deals with the main character’s roles, Paul Morel’s roles, i.e as a son and as a lover. From the main character’s roles, the writer writes the main problem: “What is the relationship between the main character and other characters?” This problem can be elaborated into the following statement of the problems: “What is the relationship between Paul Morel, as a son, and his mother?” and “Why does Paul Morel, as a lover, always experience unsuccessful relationships with his lovers?” The interesting thing about this novel is that it tells about a man who is dominated by his mother. The mother’s authority on her son is very strong and this makes her son dependent on her. His mother’s domination also causes his relationships with his girlfriends unsuccessful. This study is aimed to give some contribution to the teaching literature at the English Department of Widya Mandala Catholic University. This study is categorized into Qualitative Research which uses logical reasoning of the researchers as the principal instrument (Soedjatmiko, 1990:3). In analyzing this novel, the writer uses practical criticisms. According to Herlina (1996:32), practical criticism can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic approaches. These two approaches are proposed by Wellek and Warren. Then, concerning the data collection procedure, the writer takes Hardaway and Hardaway’s and Knickerbocker’s opinion. By analyzing the relationship of Paul Morel with other characters, the writer finds out that as a son. Paul Morel has very close relationship with his mother and his mother’s authority on his life is so dominant. As a lover, Paul Morel faces conflicts with his girlfriends because his affairs are always interfered by his mother.

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