The effect of familiar and unfamiliar reading topics on the students reading comprehension achievement

Goto, Linda (1998) The effect of familiar and unfamiliar reading topics on the students reading comprehension achievement. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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In teaching reading comprehension in English as second language to SMU students , the teacher cannot avoid facing many problems that occur during the teaching learning process. It has been proved that most students get troubles in their reading lesson. During the teaching learning activities, the teacher usually asks students a text to read, then asks them to answer questions after they read the text. To overcome the problem, the teacher can improve the way of her teaching as the treatments suggested in this study namely familiar and unfamiliar reading topics in the students’ reading comprehension achievement. It is because the treatments view reading as an interactive process between the reading topic and the readers’ background knowledge. This study was carried out mainly to find out whether there is a significant difference on the students’ reading comprehension when using familiar and unfamiliar reading topics. The population of this quasi experimental study is the third year student of IPA and IPS programs of SMU Kristen Petra III in the academic year of 1997-1998. While the samples are one IPA program and one IPS program. Some instruments were used to obtain the required data. The first one is the questionnaires in order to knw whether the students are familiar of unfamiliar to the reading topics given later in the written reading tests. The second one is the written reading tests that are related to the topic in the questionnaires given above. The tests are in the form of essay-questions. The result of the tests was divided into four groups, namely IPA-F, IPA-UF, IPS-F, and IPS-UF. The results, then, were analyzed using the F-test (ANOVA) and HSD Tuckey test. The result of the study reveals that familiar and unfamiliar reading topics affect the students’ reading comprehension. Students who were familiar to the topic of the text achieved higher scores than the students who are unfamiliar to the topic of the topic of the text. It also shows that IPA students still can achieve high scores for the unfamiliar topic although it is not as high as the familiar one. However, the IPS students get low scores for the unfamiliar topic. Knowing that familiarity of the topic of reading selection determines the students’ comprehension, it is suggested that the students should be given familiar topic of reading in order to help the students to comprehend the passage. And, by giving the familiar topic, it can also motivate students to learn English.

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