The characterization in Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights

Soelistyowati, Jenny (1998) The characterization in Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.


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It is said that novel, as one of the literary work, is a mirror which reflects human attitude, human life and human behavior. That is why, novel is interesting to be analyzed especially through characters with the reason that characters are human beings who always become the centre of the conflict. By using analytical method or the method which uses sense of perception in analyzing or interpreting particular data, the researcher analyzes the two main characters, Heathcliff and Chaterine, in Emily Bronte’s “WUTHERING HEIGHTS”. This analysis is intended to describe the characteristics of two main characters from their own viewpoint, the other characters’ viewpoint, and the storytellers’ point of view. In addition, this analysis is directed to describe how the two characters embody the theme. This analysis results in conclusive findings. First, from their own viewpoint, Heatchliff admits as an ambition man. He deems as a single authority in Wuthering Heights and Thrusscross Grange. In Catherine’s viewpoint, Heatchliff is a loyal and charitable man, Unlike Heatchliff, Catherine admits herself as a weak woman who propers to receive all her fate. On the contrary, Heatcliff regards Catherine as a loyal woman who still defend her true love until death. Second, in other characters’ point of view, both major characters have stricking difference. Heatchliff is deemed as a demon figure. He justify any manners even by using tricky way. In the other hand, Catherine is considered as a kindly and passionate figure. She is willing to help and please other people. Third, the storytellers view Heatchliff as a victim of human’s emotion. His manner and attitude are said as a symbol of degree of underbred pride. For Catherine, they regard her as a kindly and passionate figure. Last, both major characters embody the theme, as a centre of the story, both characters successfully embody the theme through the conflicts that they built with environment. In addition, the role of plot and setting are important to form the character of both major characters. As the last conclusion, this analysis find out the strickily different feature between Heatchliff and Catherine which can be seen through their own viewpoint, the other characters’ and the storytellers’. The depiction about the feature difference of both characters is like the earth and heaven. Heatchliff is a rude and ambitious figure. While, Catherine is a kind and passionate figure.

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