A sociolinguistic study on speech styles used by the sellers in Bali in persuading the consumers

Yenny, . (1998) A sociolinguistic study on speech styles used by the sellers in Bali in persuading the consumers. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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This study examined the speech style used by the sellers in Bali in persuading the consumers. For Bali sellers, speech styles were important in trading because they helped them persuade and attract the consumers to buy goods, foods, or souvenirs they offered to the consumers. The writer collected the data by using a tape recorder as an audio recording and the noted diary. The data were ten conversations taken in the real situations. Then, the writer transcribed and analyzed the data under the parameters : the subject, age, social background, status, distance, time, setting ,topic, participant, and languages that were used. Based on the analysis, the writer found out that the sellers in Bali used more than one speech style in one occasion of conversation, in which they persuade the consumer to buy their goods. The speech styles they used were Deliberative, Consultative, and Casual Styles. They used those styles while they were talking in English, Indonesia, and local language. In their conversation using either one of these languages, they switch from one style of speech to another. Deliberative speech style was used for the high class economy business group such as those who worked for export or important trading which indicated the authority and solidarity. Consultative Style was commonly used among friend the sellers who supplied background information about their goods to the consumers, and the Casual Style was used by the sellers who spoke the nonstandard languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, and local language) in persuading the consumers. The other finding showed that the main reasons why the sellers used those styles were ( 1) their social, education and economy background no matter whether they lived in rural or urban areas, (2) their topic of speaking such as goods, foods or souvenirs, and (3) the situation (formal or informal) in which the seller's conversation took place. Since the research covers only the sellers at some places at the urban and rural areas, it cannot represent all seller in Bali. Therefore, it is suggested that the following researchers, who deal with speech style, may include a wider scope that is, with other fields of study such as Speech Acts.

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