The ic students’ comprehension on phrasal verbs in up beat english course book. s- 1 thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

Astana, Bernike Agustina (2015) The ic students’ comprehension on phrasal verbs in up beat english course book. s- 1 thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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The second language learner sometimes have difficulties in understanding and comprehending spoken and written text in English when they find unfamiliar vocabulary in it. One of the important parts in learning vocabulary is phrasal verbs. Learning phrasal verbs can be confusing because there are so many particles that can be used and sometimes those phrasal verbs carry idiomatic meaning in which the meaning is difficult to guess, and it is quite different from the meanings of the verb and the particle they are formed from. This study is carried out mainly to find out two things. The first one is the comprehension of IC students on phrasal verbs before and after learning process using “Up Beat Intermediate” course book and the second one is find out some factors contributing to the achievement of IC students as shown by their post-test. The writer in this study uses mixed-method design: explanatory design. As the subject of this study were the IC students of the English Education study program of Widya Mandala Catholic University from the academic year 2014-2015, The research design in this study makes use of two kinds of data: quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, the data of this study were students‟ pretest-posttest score (quantitative) and students‟ interview (qualitative). To get the quantitative data of this study, the writer conducted pretest and posttest as a research instrument. On the other hand, to get the qualitative data of this study the writer conducted open-ended interview as a research instrument to help explain and elaborate on data related to the outcomes of the qualitative data. Based on the result of the pre-test and post-test, the data show that the IC students achieve better result on their post-test than their pre-test even though it is not significant. The result of their computation showed that the mean score of post test (24.87234) was slightly higher than the pre-test (22.44681). Meanwhile, from the result of the interview, the writer found out that there were four major factors contributing to their success achievement in learning phrasal verbs as shown by the result of their post-test; the lecturers‟ presenting the material of the phrasal verbs, the sufficient numbers of material review, the benefit of SAC, and self study. Furthermore, the data also show that there are four particles that the IC students made error the most even in the post test. They were in, out, up, and away with the verb of hand, put, give, take, turn, throw, and look.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Vocabulary, phrasal verbs
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
Depositing User: Operator 2 Student Staff
Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2016 01:55
Last Modified: 25 Jan 2016 01:55

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