Ideology reflected in International Herald Tribune and ArabNews : a transitivity analysis in the new reports of Israel-Palestine conflict

Setiawan, Imelda Gani (2008) Ideology reflected in International Herald Tribune and ArabNews : a transitivity analysis in the new reports of Israel-Palestine conflict. Masters thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Newspapers are known as the primary medium of discourse on the international and national issues by presenting events happening around the world. It is quite common for people to talk about objective and unbiased description in the newspapers, as if the language and texts can reflect pre-existing reality faithfully. They often present the news report based on their point of view or specifically tailored to the particular audience. How the reporter frames the news can be the sole information available to his audience and, as a result, can bias the audience in favor of one party, or one solution over another. Words are never neutral, they carry the power that the writer or speaker expresses to influence the readers or audiences (Fowler, 1979). Thus, language does not merely conceptualize or represent the reality but constructs the reality. Representational practices and processes such as transitivity have ideological effects and can assist in the realization of contrasting discourses (Matu, 2008:9). Among the many international conflicts reported by the mass media, the writer is interested in the area of the Israel - Palestine conflict due to their controversial nature; the fact that there are limited studies on different viewpoints in news reports, and particularly, there have not been any studies on the topic of the Israel - Palestine conflict. 11 (eleven) articles from International Herald Tribune and ArabNews within the period of 20 - 23 May 2007 are selected as the data of this study. They are analyzed using Halliday's Approach to Transitivity to describe the construction of the transitivity processes, namely: Material Process, Mental Process, Relational Process, Verbal Process, Behavioral Process, and Existential Process along with their associated participants. The study reveals that these transitivity processes display the newspapers' ideological positions toward the issue with International Herald Tribune's inclination toward Israel and ArabNews' inclination toward Palestine. The transitivity processes are used to bring to the fore the positive values of one particular entity while at the same time placing more emphasis on the negative attributes of the other entity. It is also disclosed that passivizations are strategically used in representing the particular newspaper's perception of reality by clouding responsibility. In line with the findings of the study, the following suggestions are presented to newspaper readers and researchers interested in digging the ideology of news reports. Firstly, newspaper readers have to be critical of the news reports that they read. To avoid being misguided, they need to know how to uncover the ideology of the language in the newspaper with the knowledge of transitivity. Secondly, researchers interested in studying the ideology of news reports or any texts are suggested to use Halliday's Approach to Transitivity. As this study is still far from perfect, it still leaves some possibilities to develop this study with more extensive data and period to retrieve a more comprehensive analysis of this topic.

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