Note-taking strategy in reading comprehension based on SPARC technique

Angela Truus R, . (1996) Note-taking strategy in reading comprehension based on SPARC technique. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Studying language means learning a new habit. It is said a new habit because someone who learns the language has to study continuously. Nowadays English becomes an international language. Since it is an international language, the Ministry of Education and Culture takes English as one of the major lessons at school. The students studied English for the first time when they were at Junior High School. They learned the English grammar, reading, listening and speaking. Although they had studied English when they were at Junior High School, they still got some troubles especially in reading comprehension when they entered university. Based on the problem above, the writer suggests a reading strategy. The strategy used is note-taking, and the title that the writer takes for this thesis is "Note-Taking Strategy in Reading Comprehension Based On SPARC Technique". SPARC means survey, preview, asking questions, reading to find the answer and checking comprehension. Survey is a strategy that enables the reader to obtain an overview of the material, identify the book's theme and structure and determine the main ideas. Previewing requires an overview of a chapter or article that is done by reading the first paragraph, the first sentence of each following paragraph, and the last paragraph of the passage. Asking questions means the reader questioned the title of the passage. Then he continued it by reading the passage to find out the answers. And the last one the reader can check to make sure that the idea he got is right. SPARC is a good strategy to do but we still need another strategy to support it especially if the reader came to the reading step. Human brain cannot remember all information given from the long passage. Based on it, here, the writer chooses note-taking strategy to support SPARC strategy. Note taking is a skill which is as an act of writing down of a passage. This skill is a common practice at colleges and universities where English is the language of instruction. The purpose of taking notes is to make certain that someone understands what he reads at the time and to record it for later review. There is no one way to do note-taking, because it is the reader's own creativity. There are a lot of way to do note-taking. Someone can do it by drafting in a piece of paper, he can write down the important words, such as names, dates, locations. He also can use 4 WH guidance, it is what, where, when, why and how. The draft he made can be classified as graphic, mapping, or chart. A glance at a graph, a map, or a chart gives more information in one instant than columns of words. Drafting can make the reading easier. There are two advantages of doing note-taking. The first, the notes provides a record of the information discussed by the lecturer in class, the information that the lecturer believes is especially important for learners to learn. And secondly, the notes force the learners to pay closer attention to the lecturer discussion. This advantage support the first advantage, it means that if the reader is not paying attention, she/he will lose the information she/he needs. There are some suggestions to do the note-taking skill in reading comprehension. The students have to remember their notes especially the abbreviations. So far there is no field research on note-taking skill, so that the writer hopes that there is a teacher candidate who will take note-taking skill practice in her/his thesis as a field research. By suggesting the note-taking skill practice, the writer hopes that she can help the readers to make reading comprehension easier.

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