The study of Joe Keller as a tragic hero in Arthur Miller's all my sons

Surjani, Indah Ade (1996) The study of Joe Keller as a tragic hero in Arthur Miller's all my sons. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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By studying a literary work, the students would learn a lot. Besides increasing their vocabularies, knowledge as well as their grammar, the students can realize one of the aspects of human life such as man's hard struggle to deal with the hardship of life and human experiences such as love, grief, anxiety, and so forth. Besides that, it can develop the students' mind in order to get their mature sensibility. The writer is therefore interested in studying a literary work namely drama since it takes less time to read. In this thesis, the writer studies the characters in Arthur Miller's All My Sons. She deals with the protagonist, Joe Keller, which becomes her focus in studying his downfall. The statement of the problem is formulated as follows: "For which characters has Joe Keller been a hero?" and ""What are the conflicts and the downfall that lead Joe Keller to a tragedy?". In analyzing the content of the play, the writer applies Krippendorff's and Berelson's Content Analysis. From analyzing Joe Keller's downfall, the writer finds out that Joe Keller has a wrong desire to expand his business. This makes his life destroyed. As a businessman, he should not be afraid of his inability to compete with other businessman and to build a new business for his son, Chris considering he has already grown up. Realizing his downfall to fulfill his idea to be a successful businessman and to build a new business for Chris, finally Joe commits suicide by shooting himself. After analyzing "All My Sons" the writer finds out Joe Keller's good deed towards Kate such as his concern towards her. He wants Kate to live happily in the future. He does not want to face Kate suffer in her old age because Joe loves her indeed. Joe also does a good deed towards Ann since he wants to pay for what he has done during war towards Ann's father, Steve Deever. The writer also finds out the events that lead Joe Keller to a tragedy. It is due to his conflicts with Chris, Larry, George and his downfall. Joe has conflicts with his sons, Chris and Larry since Joe tries to conceal the truth during war from them. After knowing his father has something wrong to do during war, both of his sons refuse Joe as their father. With George, Joe has a conflict because George forces him to admit his mistakes during war by letting his father go to jail for him. The writer also concludes the causes that bring Joe Keller into his downfall. It is due to his egoism, boastfulness, cowardliness, and irresponsibility. These characters can be the factor that bring Joe Keller's downfall. Besides that, the concludes that Arthur Miller's All My Sons is considered as a realistic play because the characters in the play might be found in real life. Also the characters tend to be round as they are changeable as the story progresses.

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