A suggested procedure for teaching English at elementary school

Tjahajani, Evie Djaja (1996) A suggested procedure for teaching English at elementary school. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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English as the first foreign language in Indonesia is taught formerly from Junior High School. However, to face the globalization era, there is a tendency to introduce English from the Elementary School to Senior High School, as there is a consideration that the best age to learn a language is at the age of two to fourteen years old (Lennerberg, 1966:1969). As those ages, the language teaching method also influences the students' acquisition. While a teacher who teaches them should be able to look for a strategy which is suitable for the lesson given so that her way of teaching will not become boring for her students. For Elementary level, it is believed that the successfulness of the teaching is depended on the teacher's creativity. Therefore, a teacher should vary her ways of teaching such as using eclectic teaching so that her class will become lively. On the other hand, classroom preparation takes an important role in the teaching-learning process as with out a good preparation the teaching-learning process would not be successful. Therefore, it is quite necessary to make a neat and clear preparation so that the teacher knows what she should do in the classroom to make her teaching lively and interestingly. There is no exactly certain strategy used by a teacher. Most teachers, whether they realize or not have mixed their ways of teaching to make the class more lively, active and of course not to make the students easily get bored. Since English is only a foreign language, then it is neccesary for a teacher to make students enjoy and use the target language they are learning in class as much as possible because outside the classroom they will not have chance to use English. In this study, the successful of enjoying the target language they are learning is suggested by using eclectic method. An application of the suggested strategy in teaching English at Elementary School was also presented in chapter IV. At last, this study also presented conclusion and suggestion for the topic given. Further research or replication of this study is most welcome by those who wish to provide more conclusive statements.

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