A study on Halvald Solness' character in Hendrik Ibsen's The Master Builder

Hendarta, Lucas (1997) A study on Halvald Solness' character in Hendrik Ibsen's The Master Builder. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Literature begins in the creative possibilities of human language and in the desire of human beings to use their language creatively. It means, language is the tool of human in creating literature. By studying literature students can learn many thing which can be found in literature, such as: human's ways of life, human's values, and human's culture. Besides that, literature also enriches our life because it increases our capacity for understanding and communication. Drama is the part of the literature that the writer is interested in. In studying drama, the writer feels that the interaction between the person in drama is more alive compare to the other forms of literature. Thus, he takes a character study because character is the one who plays the important role in a drama and also the one who brings the message of the play from the author to the readers or audiences. By conducting the a study on character analysis we can learn that a character or a person is a unique individual. Each of us has different personality and behaviour determine by environment, education, and society. Therefore by conducting an analysis on character we can enlarge our vision about life and human. In this study the writer takes Hendrik Ibsen's play, The Master Builder because the writer feels that this play is very interesting to be analyze. This play reflects about the reality of life that we all have to face someday when we gets old. The reality about the pressure that a man has to bare when he feels that he is not young anymore and the fear that his position will be taken over by the young generation . In conduction a character study on Hendrik Ibsen's The Master Builder the writer uses Little's point in analyzing the character, literary analysis and also contents analysis. Thus, the writer focuses his study on the characters found in the play especially the protagonist which finally comes to some interesting finding: I. Halvald Solness is a successful builder, he is considered as a lucky person in physical and material things but his fear to the youth and his unhappy married life have ruined all his life, every actions that he does reflect his fear. As a result, he lives in fearful and unhappy life because of his own fear. 2. Halvald Solness because of his own fear to the youth has created bad relationships with other people around him. He refuses to let Ragnar work independently. He has a negative thinking about Dr. Herdal concerning his sanity. He uses Kaja Fosli, his book-keeper in order to make her finance, Ragnar, works for him. He also betrays Aline, his wife, by having an affair with Hilde Wangel. 3. The theme of Hendrik Ibsen's The Master Builder is about the downfall of a man because of his own fear to the youth. And as the protagonist, Halvald Solness is able to embody the theme convincingly. He is a man who has feeling of fear to the youth that he believes is going to take over his position as master builder. His fear has has forced his to make a flaw tragic error which takes and destroys his whole life. But, when he finds a new hope of a happy life, he wakes up and tries to reach it. However he fails because he finally falls down from the top of the building and dies miserably. Based on the finding that the writer found in Henrik Ibsen's The Master Builder, we can learn an important lesson about reality of life. That is we all are going to be old someday and our position will be replaced by the young generation. And as a human being, we should not be afraid with the youth and the old age, but we have to accept it as a normal thing and not as a threat to us.

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