A study on the persuasive language used by a sales representative of Lippo Life

Soeharsono, Shierly (1997) A study on the persuasive language used by a sales representative of Lippo Life. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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This study intended to answer the following research questions: 1) Why is persuasion very important in insurance business communication? 2) How does the insurance sales representative persuade the prospects in order that they take insurance? Using a tape recorder (Goldstar) and a diary, the writer recorded two conversations. The conversations are quite long because the writer recorded all the speeches. After recording, the writer transcribed the conversations and analyzed them under two sets of parameters 1) AIDA sequence (Attention- Interest- Desire- Action) which becomes the part of the firm's marketing strategy. 2) Three types of Appeals (Personal Appeal, Logical Appeal, Motivational Appeal) which become the sources of persuasive influence. The analysis brought the following results as the answer to each research problem and hence fulfill each objectives. 1) Persuasion, indeed, is very important in insurance business communication. As a matter of fact, selling insurance is not an easy job. It is because most Indonesian people are not 'insurance minded'. Many people think that taking an insurance can cause a bad luck. They also think that taking insurance means wasting a lot of money on something that is not important. In other words, Indonesian people still have a negative thinking about insurance. Therefore, in order that the prospects adopt the new ideas - meaning that they become interested in taking insurance, the salesperson should use persuasive power to achieve personal selling. In other words, persuasion should be involved in selling. 2) Based on the data analysis, the writer found out that Mr. Wahyudi used AIDA sequence in every sales presentation. He started the presentation by getting the prospect's attention. After getting the prospect's attention, he began to generate interest in the product. Then he emphazised his prospect's desire by drawing attention to its positive benefit and value of the product. He also emphazised his prospect's desire from company profile point of view. Finally, he tried to lead the prospect to take insurance. Besides using AIDA models, Mr. Wahyudi also worked with three types of appeals. They are personal appeal (ethos), logical appeal (logos), and motivational appeal (pathos). He used these appeals in a combination and balanced them in a way that evoke the desired response from the prospect. This study is limited to one subject - a sales representative of LIPPO LIFE; therefore it is far from being perfect. The writer suggests the next researchers to take more subjects. In addition, the next researchers could choose to study the persuasive language used by a sales representative of the other companies besides insurance company.

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