English for telemarketing : course design and suggested materials

Dewi, Loesia (1999) English for telemarketing : course design and suggested materials. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Telephone is a means of communication which can be used for some kinds of affairs such as, private affairs, social gathering affairs, gossiping, doing the home-works, or business affairs. The telephone can also be used for business which is called by telemarketing or teleselling. Realizing that educational world is getting wider, the writer wants to suggest a new material of English for Specific Purpose, which is growing recently. Here. the writer would like to introduce 'Telemarketing'. Most people have a mistaken opinion about marketing. In their opinion, marketing is an activity of selling or promoting. Actually, selling is one of the functions of marketing. Besides, marketing also has some kinds of strategies. There are similarities between product marketing strategy and merit marketing strategy. In marketing, (besides the effectiveness and the efficiency) the market needs, situation, and condition are always considered. At the time being, when every body has economic problems, when everything is too expensive, the businessman, the professionals, and others should have a deep thinking about a way that can save their business. Telemarketing, selling by phones is the way to solve the problem. By telemarketing there are many things that can be saved such as energy, time, and cost of transportation. Nowadays, telemarketing has covered the world. The telephone can sell almost all products and merit. Supported by the available credit cards and WATS (Wide Area Telephone Service), the customer of telemarketing gets the glory. Since the writer is concerned with telemarketing as a new teaching material of ESP, the objectives of this writing are: 1. Suggesting an appropriate course design about English for Telemarketing. 2. Suggesting a suitable material for English for telemarketing. In order to achieve the objectives, the writer intends to develop a course design and its teaching materials for English for Telemarketing. This thesis consists of two levels of materials. The first level consists of eleven units theories and example of telemarketing activities. The second level consists of seven units, five units exercises and practices, a unit is on job training activities, and a unit is paper writing. Each level is planned for six months teaching learning activities. This thesis is given for the university students and he teachers. The writer hopes this suggested course design and materials of English for Telemarketing could be useful both for teachers and students who are interested in the telemarketing. Besides, the writer hopes that it will help the learners to handle the telemarketing’s problems.

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