Vehicle security and management system on GPS assisted vehicle using geofence and google map

Pranjoto, Hartono and Agustine, Lanny and Pangaliela, Egber (2016) Vehicle security and management system on GPS assisted vehicle using geofence and google map. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 365. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1876-1100

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Abstract. Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver installed in motor vehicles have been used to track vehicles. The position of vehicle is transmitted via a wireless nework using cellular telephone network known as GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). A vehicle that has GPS receiver installed onboard connected with GPRS modem and connected to a computer system in the Internet can be monitored and then provide alert when it travels outside the predefined area. This area is very important for many situations such as city car rental, trucking company to send goods from one city to another and logistic company with many fleets. The system designed here is a module with a GPS and a GPRS already integrated in one module. The output of the GPS receiver is connected to a microcontroller. The microcontroller dictates which data is collected via the GPS receiver and then sends the information to a computer system via GPRS modem. The microcontroller also receives command from the computer system via the GPRS connection and then can acct accordingly, such as change the frequency of geo-coordinate or turn the vehicle engine off if necessary. This device will help the user to track its vehicle via GoogleMap with the GPS coordinate data sent to the database server every 10. This device will enable the operator to turn off the vehicle engine and one other device onboard the vehicle if necessary. With the feature of Geofence on the Web server using HTML5, a virtual fence has been built around the GoogleMap and when the vehicle moving outside the fence the user can be alerted either via email or color change on the web page. The device has been tested and shown to be working with all the conditioned mentioned above. The computer system that displays the web page together with the geofence has been developed and shown to be working properly as indicated.

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