Inverted pendulum two-wheel robot using accelerometer and gyroscope for its sensors

Pranjoto, Hartono and Lestariningsih, Diana and Andyardja, Widya and Limantara, Calvin Prasetya (2016) Inverted pendulum two-wheel robot using accelerometer and gyroscope for its sensors. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11 (11). pp. 6969-6971. ISSN 1819-6608

Text (Inverted pendulum two-wheel robot using accelerometer and gyroscope for its sensors)

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An inverted pendulum is a pendulum - a free body hung from a fix point and can swing freely in all directions – that has its center of mass above its pivot point. Unlike regular pendulum which is inherently stable, an inverted pendulum is inherently unstable and must be actively balanced in order to remain upright by applying some force at the pivot point, thus moving the pivot point horizontally as a feedback system. The pivot point is moved using a simple vehicle consisting of two wheels that moves freely in one direction. The feedback control to move the pivot point horizontally is a sensor system consisting of solid state accelerometer and gyroscope. The accelerometer will detect the angle of the inverted pendulum device and the gyroscope will detect the rate of rate of change of angle and therefore measure the angular velocity. The vehicle robot is a two-wheel vehicle which is controlled independently using two independent DC motor. The DC motors are controlled by a microprocessor which controls the speed of the motors using pulse width modulation independently for each motor and the feedback on how to move the robot horizontally is by the accelerometer and gyroscope system which is mounted on the top of the robot. The control system is a PID control which in which the proportional gain, differential factor and the integral factor already predetermined. A second microcontroller will obtain the result from the sensor and put it on a display for monitoring purposes. The robot has been built and programmed and shown to work to balance the robot for certain period of time using accelerometer and gyroscope as the feedback sensors and a set of microcontrollers as the control system to set the robot stay erect.

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