The study on metaphors found in the book song of songs

Kusumawanti, Rarin A. Novianda R (2000) The study on metaphors found in the book song of songs. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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The book Song of Songs is one of the poetic books in the Old Testament in the Bible. There are five poetic books in the Bible namely Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. The book Song of Songs is written by King Solomon when he was ruling Israel. In this book, King Solomon tells every aspects about a universal topic, love life. This topic is described beautifully through the poems. Since the book Song of Songs consists of eight chapters, he provides each chapter with different discussion in order to give information that love has stages to be passed before someone get married. On each chapter, the author imagines each stage in love life by describing it through the use of beautiful words. He believes that the readers will enjoy reading this book for his description about love may inspire people to create other topic of life beautifully. Usually, when someone falls in love, he or she can make up beautiful words to express his or her feeling too someone he or she falls in love with. The descriptions on love in this book are written metaphorically. The author uses metaphors in this book because using beautiful words in expressing something will be more enjoyable than using ordinary words (Koesnosoebroto,1988:11). Metaphor with its universality, recognized validity and general applicability, plays an important role that is 'magic words' by which men gain access to the concept of the ideal world (Wahab, 1986). In other words, human needs to communicate with his Almighty Creator in order to gain the concept of an ideal world. It is stated because sometimes people cannot communicate his feeling exactly to God by using ordinary words. He needs other medium which can express his feeling and thought. In such a case, the use of metaphor becomes an effective medium for conveying one's ideas. The use of metaphor helps to clarify abstract concepts to make them comprehensible to man (Wahab, 1986). For ordinary people, understanding metaphors especially in religious context seems so difficult. Besides, there are still few persons who touch metaphor in religious context because of lack of interest. The writer of this study then is interested in investigating the use of metaphors found in the book Song of Songs. The writer conduct a research to seek the way the author, King Solomon, creates and imagines the beauty of love from the forms and metaphor they used. This study is descriptive and employs the qualitative research method. The technique used to collect the data is library research. This study investigates the forms used in metaphors like wise nominative metaphor (subjective and objective metaphors), predicative metaphor and sentential metaphor. This study also investigates the orientational metaphors as it is manifested by Lakoffand Johnson in their book Metaphor We Live By (1980). The study tries to fmd out the forms which are used by the author to describe the beauty of love life. Then it analyses to find out what spatial orientation is mostly used by the author in term of orientational metaphor. In this section, the information on physical and social bases are also given to give more information about how metaphor can be explained from cultural point of view. These findings are useful to provide us with information on the forms and metaphor which build better understanding on metaphor. After making the analysis, the writer finds that the author has a tendency to admire love very much. He gives the description on love life from the content of beauty. First, he imagines someone's feeling when he is falling in love. In this stage, he tries to describe how love can make people happy and full of joy. The feeling of falling in love gives the power to create such beautiful poems. Both man and woman who are falling in love support their feeling by complementing their partner through beautiful words. After this stage, the wedding day event comes. At this time, the situation on the wedding day is described lively. How flowers blossom and fill the air with aroma of perfume. The author provides some poems by using ordinary words. Moreover, the situation of the wedding day becomes the most happiest moment for the couple even it is not described in term of metaphor. King Solomon also uses beautiful words to imagine the beauty of a man and a woman appearance. He uses the words such as apple tree, a lily, a rose, purest gold, fountain, soldiers shield, etc. to show that appearance can be imagined as beautiful as they are. He gives some examples on the description of the perfect human body especially when it is seen from the person who is falling in love. In this stage, the woman compliments her boyfriend freely without being shy. She has the right to admire her partner through the words she uttered. The same thing also happen to a man. The author of this book tries to imagine that love can make everything beautiful on the time love appears. Finally, the writer proposes three possible alternatives for further research as her suggestions in relation to this study. They are a study on ontological metaphor involved in the book Song of Songs and relate them with the structural point of view which might give more valuable knowledge and information, a study on the Semantic Field of Human Perception through the poetic book in the Bible and a study to compare the use of metaphor on other poetic books in the Bible, such as comparing the metaphor usage from the Story of Job with Song of Songs.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Forms, metaphors
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
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Date Deposited: 03 Mar 2017 03:14
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