Shinchan's child language

Fransiska, Shierly (2001) Shinchan's child language. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Child language is a simple language with simple syntactic forms. Children tend to use short sentences since they have not yet figured out the complex regulations of applying it. Children also like to express their ideas directly, and are very easy to imitate new things. They like to apply what they find in the society but still without putting it in the right context. Crayon Shinchan is the main character of Shinchan comic. He is a fiveyears-old boy with the background of Japanese family. He has unique language and behavior so that a lot of people love to read this comic while others hate him. For children, Shinchan's language and behavior are considered funny but mothers are getting worried of letting their children read and watch Shinchan because they think that his Language and behavior are harmful and most using adult language. The phenomenon strengthens the writer's opinion that Shinchan's child language is worth to be analyzed. In this study, the writer formulates four research questions as the basic of the analysis. She conducts her study to find out the linguistic features of Shinchan's child language, the illocution and the real intention of Shinchan's utterances, the effects or the perlocution of Shinchan's utterances on his interlocutors, and the factors that influence Shinchan's child language. The results indicate that Shinchan's language is still a child language from the point of view of its linguistic features. Its syntactic form is simple; he still makes mistakes in pronunciation and misapplies some words in their context. However, according to the illocutionary acts, Shinchan's Language sometimes can be considered as an adult language and rude. Shinchan's language is mostly full of sexual innuendos and he likes to make a joke, but the impolite ones. Shinchan would use every opportunity to speak the facts out without seeing the situation. Shinchan's unique language gives impacts on his interlocutor. Most of them feel irritated and embarrassed because Shinchan loves saying sexual innuendos. The biggest impact goes to his mother who often feels ashamed because of his only son's terrible language and behavior. There are five main factors that influence Shinchan's language. They are the culture where Shinchan lives, the parent-child relationship in his house, the gender roles, the existence of television and other mass media, and Shinchan's self-concept and self-evaluation.

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