An analysis of the figures of speech in Bon Jovi's Love Songs

Tedjokusumo, Edith Primadiana (2001) An analysis of the figures of speech in Bon Jovi's Love Songs. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Song, as one of the literary work, has the function to tell people about experience and allow them to use their imagination to catch the song's theme or message. There are 2 ways of exploring the song's theme. First, the words used in the song in the literal term or explicitly. Second, the words used figures of speech in the song or implicitly. The songs, which are used by the writer, are Bon Jovi's Love songs. To acknowledge the figures of speech used in songs, the writer used theories related to the study. There are language function. speech act, pragmatics, figures of speech, and song. By these theories, the writer got the knowledge to identify what figures of speech are used in Bon Jovi's songs to present Love. The descriptive method used to describe expression words in songs. As a qualitative study, the instrument is the writer herself. The writer collected, chose, and identified Bon Jovi' s Love songs to be taken as the data examples. The data analysis is contained of the cycle steps like data collection. data reduction. data display, and conclusion. The theory used to acknowledge figures of speech is Perrine's theory. In the research of 5 Bon Jovi's Love songs, the writer found 5 types of figure of speech. They are metaphor, simile, personification, symbol and metonymy. The figures of speech are used by the songwriter to explore his feelings toward Love. The writer also found nature around Love which are: 1) hope and 2) broken heart. However, the nature around Love, which are hope and broken heart, depend on the context of the songs. So, Love songs become special by using figures of speech. The figures of speech are used to deliver Love, as the message implicitly, because Love is a feeling that is not easy to be expressed. Because of the limited songs used for the research, and the different kinds of theme that occurred through one theme only, the writer suggests for the next research to analyze songs in different ways. First, still focusing figures of speech on Love, Indonesian songs need to be used. Second, analyzing figures of speech of other Western songs on different themes need to be included as well.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Figures of speech, love, song
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