The implementation of a suggested pictorial vocabulary test in teaching vocabulary for elementary school students

Christin, Henny (2002) The implementation of a suggested pictorial vocabulary test in teaching vocabulary for elementary school students. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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Nowadays, English in Indonesia is taught to the elementary school students as an optional local content. According to 1994 English Curriculum, English is taught starting from the fourth year of elementary school students but some of the elementary schools give English to their students under the fourth year because the teachers have to prepare their students in modem world so that they also have to be able to master the English vocabulary before they learn English in higher levels. In teaching elementary students vocabulary, the teachers should give feedback for the students called testing program. These tests are tested at the end of the teaching - learning activities as a feedback for the students so that the teacher can measure the students' achievement of vocabulary materials that have been taught in the teaching-learning activities. Due to the fact that students are usually nervous, not motivated, and bored in doing their test, a study on pictorial vocabulary is carried out. So, the tests given in this study are in the form of formative tests and objective pictorial vocabulary tests in order to avoid the boredom and nervousness of the students when they do their tests. This study includes the use of pictorial vocabulary test items for the elementary school students that are rarely used by the English teachers and the two sets of lesson plans. Before constructing the pictorial vocabulary test items, there are some steps that the teacher should include, they are: 1. consulting the English syllabus of Elementary School Students, 2. selecting the words and pictures for the test materials, 3. making the table of specifications, 4. constructing pictorial vocabulary test items. The four steps mean that the teaching and testing materials should be relevant to each other so the test can be valid in measuring what should be measured. This study is expected to be the contribution to the English teachers to give a pictorial vocabulary test to their third year of elementary school students. In order to measure the students' knowledge of vocabulary and keep the students' motivation and interest in doing their test and learning English more.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pictorial, vocabulary test, elementary school students
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
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Date Deposited: 03 Mar 2017 06:57
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