Teaching controlled narrative writing to senior high school students through dicto-comp

Nakayanti, Luchi (2002) Teaching controlled narrative writing to senior high school students through dicto-comp. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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There are four skills that have to be mastered by language learners. The skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The four skills are all important and they support one another. Among the four skills, writing is considered as a difficult skill to be mastered. In writing, a learner should be able to combine her or his ideas and information or fact. The learner should also take into account on the grammar, punctuation, word choices, etc. Besides, the learner should also be creative in organizing the information or fact she or he has got. Eventhough writing is difficult, it does not mean that it is impossible to be learnt. The writer in her study would like to suggest a technique of teaching writing to help learners write better. The technique suggested by the writer is dicto-comp. In dicto-comp, the teacher gives information to the learners. The teacher gives the information by reading a certain passage. The learners write the information they have got, before they write they may discuss the passage with their friends in order to deepen their understanding of the passage. After they write, they are given time to recheck their writing to make it better by adding or clarifying the language. The dicto-comp is a simple technique but it is useful to help the learner to write when they ran out of ideas and it can keep the students' self-confidence to write because they have at least some ideas in their mind. It can also be a help for the teacher in teaching controlled writing. This study is expected to be a contribution to the teaching of writing for Senior High School students to help them to write and to motivate them in learning English, especially writing. The writer realizes that the suggested technique is not the best technique but she hopes that the technique can also help the teacher in overcoming the difficulty in teaching writing.

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