The language style of "Tony show"

Widjaya, Rina Putu (2002) The language style of "Tony show". Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.


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As social creature, people have to interact and socialize with others. People's interaction is based on the social factors and dimension in which they are into. Interaction has two contexts, formal and informal. Usually in electronic media such as radio and television, people tends to use more formal forms since they do not know each other. However, when the writer listened to Tony Show, a radio program conducted by Istara 109 FM starting from 6 A.M until 9 A.M, the radio broadcasters and the listeners did not always use the formal forms. In fact they had a particular language style in their interaction in this case between the radio broadcasters and the listeners. The writer was curious to find out what language style used. The method the writer used to find their style was by categorizing the findings and the result of her analysis towards the recorded conversations which occurred during the show. From that the writer found several language styles used. They did code switching and a lot of variation in their linguistic features such as pronunciation features, lexical features, grammatical features, and syntactical features. Then it is proved to be true that if people are emotionally involved then they tend to use more vernacular style and code switching. However, because of the limited time and wide scope of radio broadcastings, the writer only studied one show. The writer suggested that in the future there will be further study about language style used in radio broadcastings.

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